bad timing

describe me the way an author would in a book


if you do this i might cry

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it makes me so happy that strangers find me followable 

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that awesome moment when you finished reading a really good book and you see it at a store then you cunningly smile at it as if you had an affair with it.

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The horrifying thing is that this is true.

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Reblog if you say “fuck” more than 5 times a day.



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I know that the characters are fictional.

But the emotional damage they cause is real.

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  • Leonardo DiCaprio: *names his child Oscar*
  • Doctor: "Would you like to hold h-"
  • Leonardo DiCaprio: "Say it like we rehearsed it."
  • Doctor: *sighs* "And the Oscar goes to..."
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I just feel like I’ve been talking more about the Spice Girls on this press tour than I have about the movie.

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favorite movies list » The Hunger Games (2012,  Adventure | Sci-Fi | Thriller)

And so it was decreed, that each year, the various districts of Panem would offer up in tribute, one young man and woman, to fight to the death in a pageant of honor, courage and sacrifice. The lone victor, bathed in riches, would serve as a reminder of our generosity and our forgiveness. This is how we remember our past. This is how we safeguard our future.
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favorite movies list » Pitch Perfect (2012, Comedy | Music | Romance)

Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters.
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favorite movies list » Easy A (2010, Comedy | Romance)

Let me just begin by saying that there are two sides to every story. This is my side, the right one.
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favorite movies list » Mean Girls (2004,  Comedy)

Calling somebody else fat won’t make you any skinnier. Calling someone stupid doesn’t make you any smarter. And ruining Regina George’s life definitely didn’t make me any happier. All you can do in life is try to solve the problem in front of you.
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